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These bronze sculptures attempt to represent human experience through the sculptural manipulation of mass, space and line. They are based on a language of abstractions that is meant to provoke powerful associative possibilities between allegory and conceptual space.

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The Thinker    Joseph

Physical elements of a composition are compressed to suggest linear massing that in turn define the edge between object and space. This reduction of forms into abstract representations create visually fluid movements that capture and activate space.

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This unique combination of mass and line is a visual walk-through of the sculpture: an active engagement of the eye and mind in order to experience the entire object.

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The active exploration of the form and its subliminal cues allows memory to construct meaningful personal relationship between object and experience.


Company Profile

Sudad Shahin is a licensed architect, and has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. 

His studio in Venice, California is featured on the Venice Art Walk.

His bronze sculptures have appealed to high end collectors.

We hope that you enjoy these photos!

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